The Critters

Fighting climate change…

A cartoon dancing polar bear with a mobile phone and headphones


Cosmo the Bear,
As his name might suggest,
Has family links everywhere,
North, south, east, west

A cosmopolitan character
Who lives on his phone,
Has no passion for fashion
And swims on his own!

Cosmo the Unsteady
Likes: headphones
Dislikes: satellite technology
Fave colour: white
Hobbies: finger limbering
(it improves his phone dialling speed)

A cartoon bird clenching fists in triumph

Dr Barbini

She’s a High Flyer,
A doctor no less,
Who will help find a way
Out of this climate change mess

A mixed-up birdbrain
With beak, skirt and feather,
With her special skills
We’ll beat this together

Dr. Barbini (Isabella to her friends)
Likes: Mondays
Dislikes: flying
Fave colour: azure
Hobbies: the art of motorcycle maintenance

A cartoon dancing apple with two bites taken out


“Earth’s ice is melting
More and more”
Says worried Pip,
The apple core

“The planet’s doomed
Unless we act
To show all humans
How to fight back”

Pip Pip
Likes: fortune cookies
Dislikes: martial arts
Fave colour: pink
Hobbies: veganism

Juan Ant - a cartoon ant raising arms with success


Pip’s friend Juan
Is not convinced.
He keeps his cool,
Ignores the hints

“Earth is in trouble?
Are you sure
The ice is melting
more and more?”

Juan Ant
Likes: never being lonely
Dislikes: armies
Fave colour: avocado
Hobbies: hill climbing

A cartoon tree without leaves


Most trees don’t do exercise.
They stay rooted to the spot.
But Elmer keeps up with the Critter guys
As they head off at a trot

The trees are disappearing
By trunk, by branch and log.
Our Critter friends must save them
However hard the slog

Elmer Arbour
Likes: root beer
Dislikes: suitcases
Fave colour: aspen
Hobbies: skiing