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Strategy and campaign plan

Our mission: to develop an animation video with a strong on-message song that will reach a minimum of one million people worldwide.

The video will intrigue all ages but is primarily aimed at the youth of today who want to rid the Earth of its toxic wastes, heal the planet and save the world for future generations.

The Climate Critters™ animation features five characters representing the flora and fauna of our planet. Their aim is to empower people to make the extraordinary changes so urgently needed.

The Climate Critters™ are: Cosmo the bear, Dr Barbini the bird, Pip Pip the apple core, Elmer the tree and Juan the ant. Each has an amusing backstory which will be developed and extended over time.

The Climate Critters™ have a vision for the future of our planet. They urge people to prevent global warming, fight air pollution and stop poisoning our rivers and oceans with plastic bags and chemical waste.

The public will be asked to become involved in the project by suggesting ways of how the Climate Critters™ might influence global thinking and how to achieve effective ways of changing attitudes towards the climate crisis.

The song accompanying the video is an anthem to be sung at global change protest meetings. And in your own home! Create a dance for it and put it on Tik-Tok. The more who hear it, the happier the Critters will be.

To achieve our objectives, the Critters need support from millions of people. Find and follow us on all the usual social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok.

Join us to make the world a cooler place in which to live!

Our team is a veritable cauldron of talent which includes a successful and imaginative artist with links to a top animation studio, plus a musician and writer.

The creative group is supported by an experienced back office team.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the Climate Critters™.