Animation and Music

In the beginning …

It started with a few sketches, and a lot of imagination

Fire! Fire! Planet’s on Fire! – intro

Early drawings exploring his character and what he might do. Deliberately exaggerated, of course, and he’ll probably never actually stand on his hands. Not in this movie anyway. We don’t have the budget for handstands. Crouching and growling, certainly.

He’s never without his phone, but I’m not sure what he’s listening to. He favours an Edwardian one-piece bathing suit, and when at home in his cosy igloo he likes complaining about his porridge, and wondering about who’s been eating it. But he lives alone, so his questions won’t be answered in a hurry. It is rumoured that he’s in a bubble with an anonymous penguin. It’s outrageous!

Fire! Fire! Planet’s on Fire! – verses 1 and 2

Fire! Fire! Planet’s on Fire! – choruses 1 and 2

Here is Nanaho in the studio singing our song

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